Book of Remembrance

The Havens Hospices' "Light up a Life" Remembrance Book is kept at Canvey Methodist Church.  It sits on a table where everyone can view it. A lot of people leave it open on the page containing their loved-ones name at special times.  If you wish, you may put flowers next to the book.  There may be a date when you wish to remember someone when the church is closed.  If so you may call to arrange a suitable day and time when  the church will be opened for you, so you may have access to the book.  Some people like to sit quietly on their own, in deep thought, while others prefer to talk about their loved-one and recall their fond memories.  Most people like to do both.  You will always be welcome.
If you would like to view the Remembrance Book when the church would not be open please contact Val on 01268 512292 to arrange a visit.