Wednesday Fellowship

We meet on the first two Wednesdays in each month except January, starting at 2.30pm and we aim to finish by 3.30pm so we have time for tea before leaving by 4pm.  We are a small group who meet with the main reason of sharing in christian love and friendship.  We start each meeting with a hymn or psalm followed by notices of what is going on in the church &/or group at future dates.  We celebrate each person's birthday as it arrives.  The main part of our meeting is in prayer, whether it be for ourselves, family, friends or other people and world situations.  Over the years we have had many prayers answered whilst others are still being so.  Sometimes we have speakers, the latest being from the Bible Society.  Later this year we will be having a speaker from M.A.F. (Mission Aviation Fellowship) which is a charity that owns small aircraft and works with  larger charities like OXFAM because they can access small, out of the way, areas with their small planes.  In October we work for the Samaritan's Purse, filling shoe boxes with christmas gifts for needy children.  Every December we have a christmas lunch in the Oysterfleet.  In the summer we have a cream tea afternoon and because this year some special birthdays came in the same month we had a birthday party. 

After prayers, if we don't have a speaker, we have a conversation on a particular topic.  Recently we all brought in old photos of when we were teenagers, showing all the fashions and hairstyles of those days (some slightly humorous), but mostly very interesting.  One week we had a poetry afternoon and another time we had a "good news" event to counteract the way our newspapers seem to only concentrate on bad news while ignoring the good events that go on.  We try to cover a wide range of subjects.

So all in all, we have a good time together and some great friendships are formed.  If you think this type of meeting is what you are looking for, just come along and meet us - you will be warmly welcomed.