Romanian Project

In June 2018 Colin travelled with a group from Colchester to work on a project in Reghin, Romania to help build a barn for tge people there.  Below is his folow up report and some photographs of he work undertaken there.

"June seems a long time ago now but following on from the film I sent you in August of our efforts in Reghin, I have today received an update from Romania and People Against Poverty reporting that the orphanage barn we started (thanks to your generous support) will be finished in time for the severe winter months of the region ahead. Thanks again for your help." 
God Bless
Jon, the PAP leader writes:
"Hey all, long time no hear... thought you’d like to see some pictures direct from Reghin, as of last Sunday!
Looking amazing, the last group of the year will be going out in October to put the roof on!!! Then it will be usable throughout the winter, which is a miracle....!"